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In business or personal contexts, personal concierges are people who provide services that relieve his or her employer from the stress of tasks that are associated with managing one’s personal and/or business life. They assist with a variety of life management tasks, including running errands, arranging travel, finance and shopping.

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Includes 8 hours of personal assistant service – You pick the services – package is for one individual only.


Includes 6 hours of personal service to pick up and deliver diapers, formula, medicine, meals and any other essential items.


Includes daily visit to home to check inside and outside perimeter, turning on/off lights and also grocery restock and light housecleaning.


I would definitely recommend Diane and her managing services to any coordinator, director and company in general. Thank you for your hard work and devotion to every task!

Leon Hughes


Being a senior manager or a head of a company often requires having professional assistance. Diane was able to make my work so much easier and productive! Thank you, I really appreciate your amazing job!

Dr. Ricketts

Physician, VI

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